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Organized by IET, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Tianjin Electric Power Corporation, , the “Smart Distribution Technology” seminar was held successfully on May 14th/15th 2015 in Tianjin. It attracted more than 80 leaders, technical experts and representatives from electrical power companies’ operation and maintenance department and dispatch center department.
This seminar has received strong support from China Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, and Tianjin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Experts from different field of research and corporations of the electrical word presented research paper or case studies , sharing their experience and world’s most advanced knowledge to the Chinese engineering staffs.

Nicolas Trang, representing the Sino-French Joint Center for Smart Grid was invited to deliver a speech on the “Medium Voltage Switchgear trends – Impact of cloud computing, big data and IoT on the energy distribution”.
The presentation focused on how the environmental changes and increase in safety requirements have impacted the development of MV switchgear, and how the biggest change will come from the necessity to merge IT, automation and primary electrical devices for power companies to improve the efficiency and lifecycle management of their switchgear.
The “Smart Distribution Technology” seminar is a significant platform to allow domestic and foreign experts, users, manufacturers, to discuss, share and promote the technological progress of smart distribution. The seminar plays a positive role in trying to solve the technological challenges of the industry.

Nicolas Trang is the deputy director of the Sino-French Joint Center for Smart Grid, but he is also the Chief Representative of ARC Informatique in China, a leading European SCADA and software provider for the automation and the energy world.

The Sino-French Joint Center for Smart Grid is a collaboration between the College of Electrical Engineering of China Agriculture University and several corporations including PcVue China, Locamation, Schneider, etc. and is supported by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and the French authorities.

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